We know there's a hidden world of concrete.
Our job is to expose it.

We take old, gray, dusty floors and transform them into something entirely different. Imagine a basement floor so polished it shines—and what's more, it's easier to keep clean.

We offer custom creations too. Together with your vision, we design bartops, countertops, sinks, fireplace surrounds, and more—the finishing touches that make a space truly yours.

Zeis Concrete Solutions: You think it. We do it.

We specialize in performance concrete.
Simply put, that means we make sure your concrete is stronger, easier to clean, and better looking than ever before.

With large surfaces, like floors, we work on what's already there, eliminating the need for expensive replacement options. Instead, we use techniques like polishing or staining to update both the look and the utility of the concrete.
When it comes to personal touches, we create custom pieces, like sinks and countertops, designed to suit your lifestyle.

Zeis Concrete Solutions: You think it. We do it.


Let's talk about changing the concrete you already have. We're not just talking looks here. We're talking about making your concrete better.

Traditional concrete methods leave too much to chance. Concrete can change depending on how it was installed, how we use it and weather. Cracks, pits and stains diminish the lifespan, as well as the look, of concrete. We work to improve that.

How we do that depends on what you want. Do you want an easy-to-maintain surface? Should it stand up to salt? What about heavy shop equipment? Did you think about what's best for kids, pets or your allergies for that matter? Or are you simply after a new look?

We specialize in polishing, densifying, dyeing, stain/salt guarding and engraving existing concrete surfaces. If you think you're stuck with what you have, it's time to call us.


Now, what about those projects that only exist in your mind? We do those, too. Concrete is a highly customizable material. Think about it—it starts out like a liquid that turns into a solid, creating endless options for color, size, shape and texture.

We create countertops, buffets, vanities, sinks, bathtubs, fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens, & so much more.

• Practical: Designs that fit your needs e.g. a countertop with a built-in cutting board.
• Expressive: Endless design options with grinding, polishing, coloring and more reflect your vision.
• Long lasting: With minimal upkeep.
• Easy to clean: Won't harbor dust, dirt or allergens.
• Cost efficient: No wasted material. We pour what’s needed, eliminating slab fees and remnants.
• Highly customizable: It’s poured into a mold designed for your project.

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Custom Concrete Solutions for the Fargo-Moorhead Area, the Lakes Area, MN, ND, & Beyond.
Zeis Concrete Solutions


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